Hennessee Hedge Fund Review

The Hennessee Group LLC is pleased to offer the Hennessee Hedge Fund Review®. For over a decade, the Hennessee Group LLC has offered this monthly publication on the hedge fund industry.

The Hennessee Hedge Fund Review® provides a comprehensive hedge fund performance review, statistics, and market analysis; all of which is value added to hedge fund managers and investors alike.

The following is included:

  • An overview of the U.S. and major international markets.

  • A discussion of each of the 23 strategies including trading themes, market trends, and positions that have impacted each strategy.

  • Monthly Hennessee Hedge Fund Indices® for each of the 23 Styles.

  • Our Hennessee Hedge Hog Corner featuring commentary on the U.S. and international markets, including political and economic views. Many of these comments come from hedge fund managers themselves.

  • The Hennessee Group also provides monthly flash reports to subscribers on the sixth business day notifying you of hedge fund performance and economic commentary.

  • An annual subscription of the Hennessee Hedge Fund Review® is available for $500 USD. To subscribe, click here.

  • Bulk rates are available upon request.


The above is an outline of the Hennessee Hedge Fund Review®, which is published 12 times a year from the Hennessee Group LLC.

To subscribe at the annual rate of $500 USD, please complete this subscription form or pay with credit card below.

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